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ZL Group is a polyacrylamide and polymer dispersion equipment manufacturer, with advanced polymer chemistry, proprietary manufacturing processes, and field application know -how committed to solving the toughest challenges of the oil and gas industry.


Choosing the right polymer chemistry for a specific reservoir and executing it at the right time of the field development is extremely important in maximizing oil recovery with polymer fluids. ZL was established in 1995, with a strong focus in polyacrylamide R&D and manufacturing for the enhanced oil recovery industry.  We use our expertise, on-site experiences, and understanding of the reservoir to help our customers design the most cost effective program for their specific reservoir conditions. ZL works closely with E&P operators across the globe in every phase of a polymer flooding project, starting in the lab with polymer chemistry design and evaluation, pilot testing, and full field implementation. 


Friction Reducers

Our proprietary manufacturing processes yield high molecular weight anionic polymers that have low shear susceptibility and heightened tolerance in high brine and temperature environments. Our portfolio of friction reducers include both dry and liquid dual functioning friction reducers that perform over a broad range of water conditions.  

ZL has been designing and manufacturing polymer dispersion units, also known as "dry on the fly" units, for the delivery of dry polymer at well sites since 1995. ZL's CPDU, Compact Polymer Dispersion Unit, are available in various versions to meet the specifications of different applications including both onshore and offshore polymer flooding and hydraulic fracturing applications. 


Water flooding is a secondary recovery process to displace oil that has not been recovered by the primary recovery method. Water flood technology is often associated with a problem of unwanted water production resulting from unfavorable displacement, caused by water channeling through high-permeable layers. The existence of high-permeability zones (thief zones) can cause early water breakthrough and excessive water production, thus, leaving a significant amount of oil bypassed in heterogeneous reservoirs. ZL's conformance control technology consists of several different technique to help our customers addressing their water breakthrough issues.

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ZL is a leading polyacrylamide manufacturer committed to innovating to solve the toughest challenges in the oil and gas industry for over 25 years.

ZL is ISO 9001 certified and implements a dual quality control system to ensure 100% qualified products being being delivered to the well-site.

ZL focuses on providing E&P operators polyacrylamide products  for EOR and hydraulic fracturing applications and executes their field deployment.